Gigapixel panoramas from around the Globe

Gigapixel panoramas are extremely high resolution photos made up of many "normal" photos. This allows for extreme magnification of distant objects in unprecedented detail.

114 gigapixels tour of Barcelona | 66 gigapixels from SkyFort Tower | 35 gigapixels from TV Tower | Sofia @ 1,200 mm | Sofia at Night

What do you need for quality gigapixel panoramas?

  • Optimal weather conditions - this is of the utmost importance! No matter what camera and lens you have, if the weather is not clear and wind conditions as calm as possible, the result will not be good. But just clear is not enough, there should be as little atmospheric turbulences / heat haze as possible
  • Once we have good weather, we must take care of the hardware. You need a camera with many megapixels (and stabilization) and a stabilized prime telephoto lens (400 mm or more). We can also add 1.4 x / 2 x extenders. Good stabilization, which provides the combination of camera + quality optics, plays a significant role in the sharpness of the final image, especially in low light, and helps in windy conditions.
  • The most stable tripod you can find + robotic panoramic head with high precision (movement on X and Y at less than 1 degree).
  • Powerful computer that works non-stop for several days to combine thousands of frames into one big mosaic photo (gigapixel panorama).
  • Last but not least: profound technical knowledge, experience and lots of patience!