Sofia at Night

2.2 gigapixels

 Tech info

The panorama was taken from the site under the Kopitoto TV tower, which is not publicly accessible.
It is made with a mirrorless camera Canon EOS R5 and telephoto lens - Sigma 135mm f1.8 DG HSM Art. Look at the challenges we had.

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WE RECOMMEND to watch it on a big screen, not on a mobile device!  

 Characteristics of the gigapixel panorama

Team: Michael von Aichberger (Germany) and George Palov (Bulgaria)
Camera: Canon EOS R5
Lens: Sigma 135mm f1.8 DG HSM Art
Panoramic robot:  Roundshot VR Drive
Tripod: Benro A4770TN
Number of photos: 224 х 45Mp (28 columns x 8 rows)
File size: 76,388 x 29,000 pixels (2.22 gigapixels)
Size onn HDD: 6.5 gigabytes
Number of tiles: 2,954
Date: 03.09.2021
Time span: 19:22 - 19:41
Height above sea level: around 1,350 m
Stitching software: PtGui Pro 12.7
Software for web presentation: Pano2VR 6.1.13 Pro

 Technical challenges:

  • shoot with a camera that has good enough stabilization to cope with wind and vibration;
  • to have a non-STABLE STABLE connection between the device and a mobile phone with live view, to select a focus point and shoot each frame. We were pleasantly surprised by how quickly and accurately the camera focuses even at the edges of the sensor and in the absence of light;
  • to be super focused with hearing and vision to confirm each frame;
  • to compete with the time and the fading light of the blue hour.

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