My name is George Palov, and GigaPixel.bg is an ongoing project that originated years ago. The goal is to make gigapixel panoramas from high points (buildings, mountain tops etc.) around the city of Sofia, which can be connected in a unique virtual walk.
When I shared my idea with German photographer Michael von Aichberger in early 2021, he responded quickly and embarked on the adventure. The same happened with Canon Bulgaria, who liked the project and quickly provided the extremely suitable 45MP mirrorless camera Canon EOS R5 and super telephoto lens  Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS III USM. So, we already had a plan. The first series of gigapixel panoramas were shot from Sofia and Plovdiv for about 10 days in early September 2021. You can explore these panoramas on this website, as well as find out how and with what gear they were photographed.
Special thanks to Milcho Yovchev, the management of Kopitoto TV Tower, Sky Fort, "A and A Architects" and Grand Hotel Millennium for providing access!

Why gigapixel photos:

  • The current state of the city is captured in an interesting and unique way, preserving the view for future generations;
  • Gigapixel images allow you to explore a city from places that are not publicly accessible and in a way that cannot be seen with the naked eye;
  • Such a photo allows printing in huge dimensions (tens of meters) with photographic quality.


  • Canon EOS R5 - the technology behind the 45MP mirrorless EOS R5 camera allows for extremely sharp images in a wide range of weather conditions. The high resolution, the short working distance (the distance between the last optical element and the sensor) and the built-in 5-step stabilization of the camera are a key factor for the quality realization of the project.
  • Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS III USM - the latest version of the super telephoto lens: extremely light, fast and sharp across the entire image range.
  • Canon EF Extenders 1.4x & 2.0x

Personal story:
Michael had another reason to come to Bulgaria, not only for the gigapixel panoramas. His great-grandfather Franz von Aichberger (1844-1906) was consul of Germany in Sofia (1887-1889). This sparked further interest in seeing how the city had developed in 134 years from the time his great-grandfather sent photos of the city to his fiancée Rosa.
As you will see in the gallery, there is a lot of difference!
You can see photos of Franz von Aichberger and his fiancée and future wife Rosa von Liederscron.
A newspaper clipping reads (in the last lines) that "Consul Mr. von Aichberger will soon go on holiday to Bavaria, for non-political reasons. A few days ago, Mr. von Aichberger got engaged to the the daughter of senior consistorial council von Liederscron. "
Here is the telegram in which he wrote "Yes Rosa", with which she agrees to marry him.
You can see the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, which is under construction, St. Sophia Church and the National Gallery (Square 500)!

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Photo gallery, part of the history of Sofia: